Armes douces / Soft Weapons

Yellow Gas, oil on panel, 30 x 40 Les médias sociaux ont donné aux activistes un outil de communication qui ouvre la porte à des avancées politiques importantes.  En même temps, le développement d’armes “douces” pour le contrôle des foules permet de supprimer les troubles civils de façon moins perceptible. Social media has allowed activists […]

Why paint?

I recently read a quote from Rumi on the wonderful art blog Combustus. It so beautifully speaks to those “what’s the point” moments. “Let the beauty you love be what you do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” “Il y a des centaines de façons de se genouiller et embrasser […]

Clean brushes

Eco safe way to clean brushes..; wipe, dip and wipe with baby oil until all the colour is gone, then wash with dish soap until the oil is gone. Dry on a slant with the brush part down so that water doesn’t stay in the ferule. No need for solvents; I’m not using them with […]

Workshop with Aino Lutter

I took a workshop on classical realist portrait painting with Aino Lutter last fall. Besides coming away with a ton of information, I also ended up with 5 preliminary paintings of our wonderful model, Chelsea. I have been looking at them over the winter, and recently started working on the biggest one.

Passive solar studio

This is the tiny, 8′ x 8′ shed where George Bernard Shaw went to create. It had windows on one side, and in colder weather, when the sun was no longer streaming in, he just stepped outside and gave it a push, so it would rotate on its axis and catch the sun again.

Bowl paintings at the AHA spring show

Since pre-history, people have been fashioning bowls from clay, decorating them with marks meaningful or beautiful, and using them to offer that fundamental life-sustainer, food. To me, they are a perfect symbol of our shared humanity. In painting these beautiful objects, some of them thousands of years old, I am re-tracing the gestures of artists […]

“Early humans shaped and scraped clay to make vessels, cooked in them and realised they hardened, learned to make them impervious to water, and also to decorate them, with incisions and with glazes made from salts and metals. All pots are different, and all resemble each other (except for some defiant modern monsters). They are […]