“Soft Weapons” Atrium Gallery, Ottawa, October 20 to November 22 2017

The use in warfare of chemical weapons is prohibited by various international treaties, from the Geneva Protocol of 1928 to the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993. It is still permitted, however, in riot control. This astonishing fact, combined with ubiquitous images in the media of protestors in swirling clouds of coloured gases, reminiscent of the […]

Solo show 2 weekends at the 2BarnOwls gallery. Friday August 25, 26th, September 1 and 2, 2017, 422 Main Road, Hudson QC. Expo solo à la galerie d’art 2BarnOwls à Hudson.  25 et 26 août, 1 et 2 septembre 2017,  422 rue Main, à Hudson. I will be opening my studio to the public on September 15, […]

Lost Icebergs

Majesty of the Tabular Iceberg The cold freshwater it contributes to the sea can influence currents and ocean circulation far away. Melting, it leaks nutrients into the ocean around it, feeding a teaming world of plankton, fish, and other sea life. Melting, it makes a fizzing sound as the water reaches compressed air bubbles trapped […]