Mosaic 3D landscape

Made to fit into a niche beside the bath, this mosaic has 3 panels representing water, earth and sky. It is made with glass, glass beads and broken crockery. I put some small LED lights behind some of the pieces of the sky to light it up at night.

Misty (The Party)

I just loved working on this printed paper. The pattern is still visible on the tree trunks and in the foreground. I used a white ink pen and white pastel, and I find it has the perfect frosty feeling of a November night. (SOLD)

A Reading

I think the little flag on a stand will move with the pulse. My guess.


This is a painting of Ingrid Bachman, me and another classmate whose name I can’t bring to mind. Ingrid was the most inspiring teacher. She assumed responsibility for the state of our brains and included a huge reading list of wonderful fiction as part of the class. Which was a fibers studio class.


My friend CĂ©line (she teaches at art neuf,) spent a couple of hours with me, talking about paintings. She says I have to fix the shirt, and she is right. It is too much on the picture plane. I love the feeling from everyone sitting so close; not the usual zone of personal space around […]

Old time bike and Mic Mac hat.

This was an exercise in Photoshop patience, editing in between the spokes.