Soft Weapons

WATER CANON Can be used with water alone, with added dye for later identification of subjects, or with RCAs (riot control agents)
Skunk Gun is dispersed as a form of yellow mist, fired from a water cannon, which leaves a powerful odour similar to rot and sewage on whatever it touches. Smell cannot be washed off and persists for 3 days.
Still_life_with_tear_gas_canisters_and_rubber_bullets_2015 copy
Still Life with Tear Gas
LRAD These devices emit incredibly loud commands and noises designed to make people get as far away from the sound as quickly as they can. They can cause severe headaches and permanent hearing loss.
DAZER LASER Used to temporarily blind and disorient, also known as DEW (Directed Energy Weapon) for vision impairment, and MEAN Beam (modulated, erratically pulsed, awareness-inhibiting, and nausea-inducing).
Active Denial System (Heat Ray) works by heating the surface of targets such as skin. It uses shorter wavelengths than microwave ovens. Most human subjects reach their pain threshold within 3 seconds.

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